Halloween: a Celtic Tradition.

Halloween has become as exciting to our little Gentlemen as a birthday or Christmas. Did someone say, ‘sugar’? Funny how they don’t hear me ask to clean to their rooms, but the mention of treats,-‘Pardon Mumma?’ Our little men have thankfully inherited my excitement of dressing up. Whereas their sweet tooth is definitely from their father.

In the past I have been accused of jumping on an American bandwagon. I have been told within my profession it was a holiday unworthy of celebration in an Australian Early Childhood classroom. As my confidence blossomed as a teacher over the years I learnt to advocate for children and challenge old or fad ways.

We have come to a point in time where we are now actually questioning cultural appropriation. Which is great in so many ways. But at the same time, I do feel torn as an educator and parent where you draw or what exactly is crossing that fine line. Halloween’s roots go back to the Celts, from my hussy’s mouth; for our pagan ancestors, it marked the end of the pastoral cycle – it was the time when the crops would be gathered and placed in storage for the long winter ahead and when livestock would be brought in from the fields and selected for slaughter or breeding. As the last day of the year, a time believed to be when the souls of the departed would return to their former homes and when potentially malevolent spirits were troubling our pagan ancestors.
But it was also, in Christian times, the night prior to All Hallows Day, which has been completely overshadowed by it’s fun and cheeky little brother. Halloween is the time when the souls of the departed would return to their former homes and when potentially malevolent spirits got to cause mayhem. Sounds spooky right? Spirits released from the Otherworld and were visible to mankind.

So, back to the important part: a dress-up theme. After spending the past month planning costumes on a budget, the gentlemen’s Star Wars fad won centre stage this year. Because Mumma queen had been conquered, it was a good moment in time to make the most of the situation and honour Carrie Fisher, after her passing earlier this year. Shocked at prices of trademarked costumes, I decide it would, in fact be cheaper buying two clip on hair buns from and a white maxi dress from China. It cost me $10 for my outfit. I decided to lash out and get a laser gun from Kmart for $19! Knowing I’m going to be fighting the boys for it on the night.

So from the make-do pile, Braveheart Dante had a Chewbacca costume ready to go. Tick. For Hussy, I just happened to stumble across an adult Darth Vader costume for $24. Iggy has a brown Bear suit: instant ewok. Tadhg has a blue light sabre that he is always trying to tease Dante with. Tadhg takes a bit of convincing to leave the front door: Luke Shywalker. But with long hair in a pony tail, a single plait. All I need is a Jedi robe (from the Harry Potter dress up) and some face paint so he can be incognito, if he wants to and, ta da, we have Emperor Palpatine. It actually turned out well. Cue A-Team music, we’re here!

Dromana Halloween Festival and Bonfire

Alcohol Free Event

Dress in Halloween Costume and enter the competition for under 6yrs, under 10yrs, under 18yrs and Adult.
Music & Entertainment, Haunted House, jumping castle, Apple Bobbing, Marshmallow and Damper cooking, Face Painting and more.

Food and Drinks available.
Entry by Gold coin donation proceeds to the CFA and Rotary Club

When: Held annually: 31 October usually 06:00 PM – 09:30 PM

Location: Hillview Community Reserve, 192 Boundary Road, Dromana 3936

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