Bridgewater Bay Blairgowrie – I’m the Last Splash

🎶 ‘I know you little libertine, I know you’re a real coocoo…’ well maybe not; Mother Nature is definitely female. No, I’m not exactly a feminist either. We were just rocking out to the ‘Breeders’ in the car… I’m a mum raising boys infusing them with real music.

Dante said, ‘This song is about the cliff jump, Mumma.’

‘Sure baby. If that’s what you say…’ Apologies, he’s four. He has no idea what libertine means, but let’s roll with it, there’s a courageous splash and well it’s possible it could be your last splash, if you get it all wrong. Besides, it’s a great song.
This piece is Blairgowrie: back beaches. There’s plenty of tracks along the back beaches. Today we were inspired by Jen’s memories (and Hussy heading off to school to photocopy). So, we were in the area.

We walked the outskirts to see each corner of the bay, Dante was exhausted, 🎶 ‘Blown to Hell crash, I’m the last splash…’ You know the lyrics. Sing with me… haha. So, we made our way down. Dante is already wording us up after the adventures the day before to Fingal. He’s done with stairs until 2028 and will be requiring a chairlift back up.

The view here is magnificent and the best part is you don’t have to sweat it out to enjoy the view. You can just park at the end of St. John’s Wood Road. There isn’t heaps of parking but there’s room if you come early enough. It gets hot even at 22 degrees on a part cloudy day, you will want to swim. The rock pools are stunning. There’s plenty to explore; the waterfalls, mini blowholes and waves crashing, plus The Bridge. And if your game enough, there’s the cliff jump into one of the deeper rock pools. I ain’t this person. I always stress the pool has filled with sand at high tide or isn’t deep enough. It won’t stop the locals. I haven’t shared my anxieties with them. Apparently they are only contagious to those who are close to me. Meanwhile all the tourist are jumping from the pillars. This place takes the cannonball. There’s definitely an element of risk. And whilst I promote risk taking in children there is no way I could watch my own blood jump from here..

Dante sits in the rock pool and eggs them on in his big boy deep voice: ‘Come on, jump already.’ No fear.

🎶 ‘I’m the last splash. I’ll be your whatever you want, The bong in this reggae song, Want you coocoo cannonball, Want you coocoo cannonball, In the shade, in the shade.’

Did Silverchair loan those lyrics..? Hmm.

Anyhow, there’s plenty of shade against the outskirts of the bay. Definitely a no dog zone and take your rubbish home, peeps. Bring Aeroguard unless you like the sting of a kiss from a huge March fly. This is Mother Nature at it’s best.

Mumma Tink is wearing or friends at Tulle & Batiste – Desert whisperer collection. Delila maxi skirt in plum. Tigerlily tank.

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