Cape Schanck National Park – cause I’m a Voodoo Child

It’s been one of those days. Dante is whining, ‘Mumma can I play video games..? Can I watch Netflix..? I can pull Tadhg’s hair, I’m allowed.’ -I have to get out of the house. Someone posted photos on Instagram of Bushrangers Bay, I’m not quite up for that walk. I say, ‘Okay, that’s it. We are out of here on an adventure.’ That’s the only way to get Dante going. ‘Adventure’ It’s 3.30pm so it isn’t going to be a huge adventure. ‘Where are we going?’ Hussy asks putting hiking shoes on. He knows the drill.

‘Cape Schanck. We haven’t been exploring out this way since Dante was a baby.’

As we drive down the road, a whole entire 5 minutes, we sing along; to Jimi…

Well, I stand up next to a mountain,

And I chop it down with the edge of my hand

Well, I stand up next to a mountain

Chop it down with the edge of my hand

Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island

Might even raise just a little sand

‘Cause I’m a voodoo child

Lord knows I’m a voodoo child

I think to myself, isn’t it ‘voodoo chile’; why do we sing child? Dante is our voodoo child or voodoo chile…

As we arrive, Dante has fallen asleep. We wake him gently, with droplets out of his water bottle. He thinks he’s wet himself. Cruel maybe. But they were honestly droplets. We get out of the car and I realise it’s a lot more windy out here than back at home. I’m definitely inappropriately dressed. A Spell, floaty, rara mini, blouse and slides… Hope everyone is looking forward to seeing my undies. Oh well.

This one is only a short walk, it’s not even a km down to the pebble beaches. But I warn you it’s nineteen flights of stairs. So leave your stroller at home. You are most certainly going to need your baby carrier for anyone under 2.5 years.

Off we set. The wind blows Dante’s hair like the wild child he is. He is in his element. Connected to the earth and all it’s magic. Tadhg is probably wondering, ‘Why, oh why, do we have to connect- just to reconnect Dante? Tadhg copes so incredibly well with Dante. He even jokes Dante ultimately holds him up. I soon take the boys caps off their heads, we’ve lost them off cliffs in the past. I struggle to keep my sunglasses on my face it’s that windy, and there goes my skirt. I’ve come prepared, clearly. The tourist are probably bored of the cliffs sights, right? Hussy passes me Iggy’s baby wrap to wrap behind me as we head down those stairs.

Besides the wind, both boys cope with the down hill decent. In fact I have to remind them not to run. My Voodoo Chile has a spirit as wild as the wind that blows us. I envision him being blown over the cliff.

We land at the pebble beaches. The beach to your right has a warning sign ‘big waves’. Oh yes, it all comes back to me. As the boys race off along the pebbles. I remember that school holidays I brought Tadhg and our god daughter, Lily here and we nearly got washed off the rocks by a huge wave. I was left with two drenched children crying now aware of the almighty powers of Mother Nature. Now, as the boys approach that said rock my left leg begins to tremble with the event playing over in my head. Obviously Tadhg wasn’t traumatised; the life lesson isn’t wired into his brain as he races for the rock. The boys climb the rock and Hussy asks me, ‘What’s wrong?’ I’m scared.

‘Let’s just take a photo and go.’

I can see the waves have been crashing onto the area due to the wetness surrounding the rock.

Two quick photos with the legendary Pulpit rock, the boys want to go exploring on the other side. There is not a chance in hell I’m letting them go up and over that rock I can see the tide is coming in.

As we climb back down the wind proves my attire is completely ridiculous for exploring. There was a time I had more self dignity. Now, after nine stimulated rounds of ivf and child birth combined,- meh. I turn around to see how many people are laughing. Nobody in sight. But at that exact moment a wave crashes onto those rocks. Timed to perfection.

The boys make there way over and down to the placid pebbled beach on the left and explore climbing the rocks and looking in the rock pools. I finally wind down and catch the calmness of the ocean.

On our way back up I think, ‘This is going to be a hard sell, there is no way anyone is going to give Dante a piggy back up those stairs.’ He amazes us all with no complaints. On reaching the top of the stairs it’s a mere 250 metres back to the carpark. Dante spots the lighthouse and desperately wants to go inside.

On reaching the carpark we see a ranger removing the signage. And see the tours have finished for the day. The lighthouse reserve is open 10am until 6pm daily. And the tours run ever hour until 4pm with a fee payable. We make our way to the reserve to see the lighthouse up close.

There’s a outlook out. A museum and kiosk cafe area.

And we’re done.

An hour return trip. Add time to explore the pebbles beaches. And lighthouse reserve.

Do wear appropriate clothing and footwear.

Do not bring your dogs. It is a protected area.

Do follow signage. And stay sensible on the pebbles back beach. Large waves do come out of nowhere unexpectedly. Trust me here.

A short local adventure connecting them to Mother Nature, enough to soothe any voodoo child.

Dante is dressed in a vintage ‘Rock your baby’ tee & cap. Mumma Tink wears ‘Spell Designs’ – from the Lionheart collection 2017. Lionheart blouse & mini skirt.

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