We took our favourite 5 year old to see Disney’s Christopher Robin on Friday night. Winnie the Pooh is one of the classic stories that I’ve cherished, deep in my heart, my entire life. My dad happens to call me Pooh, and I nicknamed my best childhood friend; Bear who I’ve sadly in recent times lost ironically to the pressures of adulting.

Let me start by saying that the film, although having some sad moments is a kids film and light. However put Ewan McGregor in a staring role and suddenly he lends so much gravitas and allows us to be swamped with melancholy as his character gets frustrated with Pooh’s shenanigans. Like all good art, this allowed me to hold the mirror up to life and I saw my own frustration replay in my mind as I yelled at my own child for making a mess and setting out breakfast, milk and all for the entire family, long before dawn.

I didn’t expect that from a remake/sequel Disney movie, was some dark truths of adult life. It was like Hook and Toy Story 3 at once, seeing these characters from my own childhood, forlorn and forgotten. Tigger’s chin, all faded and molted made my own chin quiver. All in all however, the movie was another reminder that I’m not lost. Another realisation I’m on the right path. I just need to keep doing what I’m doing and not be influenced by those on a different journey. Everything will come together- eventually.

The movie set in Christopher’s mid life, with a family, and mid management job he becomes lost. He has allowed the woozles of the world to confuse him on what’s truly important.

We can all relate everything changes as you get older. The world begins to tell you how to behave and what’s expected. You don’t know everything anymore. As you get older, the world around you gets bigger, life gets more complicated. What we perceive as work gets in the way. As you learn more answers, the world asks trickier questions and expects more from you to conform. Life begins to push buttons and challenge everything you thought you once knew.

There’s nothing like my own darling Dante’s five year old inquisitive mind to remind me how little I actually know. Eventually we all get lost trying to be us, trying to fit into social norms and expectations.

After a recent near death experience, that I’m still not ready to talk about, life has shifted for me. What’s important now, my number one motive: my family. Let’s just say I learnt on Friday I’m not lost in translation. That other people’s perception of me is their business. That’s for their psychologist to work through. ‘Our thoughts are ours, their ends, none of our own.’

I know I’m in the middle of my second awakening or perhaps it’s a type of midlife crisis. I’m stopping to literally smell the roses. Where I once just kept things to myself, I’m voicing my opinion. Even when it’s probably not wanted. As the movie says, sometimes it’s best to acknowledge ‘the hephelump in the room’ rather than let problems stay unresolved. Although confronting issues is not at all comfortable. I can retreat afterwards to my happy place; watching the moon in awe, listening to the ocean roar, with sand between my toes.

I know I can’t be tamed to fit in. I’m a wild flower, I grow where I should not. I know I’m not always right, but I’m also brave enough to acknowledge others. I also know ‘they’; the Dante’s of the world, are only little for a very short time. They are watching our every move. I realise that when I hear Dante turn to his infant brother and ask, ‘What ARE you laughing at?’ With such disdain. Although he learned that from a show, it still stings when he tries out the phrases that he hears.

We are all over-stimulated, over processing; trying to get where we think society says we should be. I’m not chasing my tail, people’s expectations are chasing their own bizarre conception of conformity.

Slow living is the ultimate goal here. I’m not there yet. It’s a work in progress. We are in the middle of fighting to be true in a democracy shit storm. It’s a world wide phenomenon and most can’t see it. It’s those people I feel sorry for. Their losing a life well lived.

Where am I going with this; What your told is important probably isn’t that important. Whether it be politics, advertising or the media. They each are perpetuating the cycle where they pin the wheel of worry in order to sell what they have.

Don’t give up yourself and what you believe in just because someone else thinks they are right, or they have the loudest voice or their ego believes they are more powerful than you. They know that if they say the same lie enough times, that somehow most who don’t hold them accountable will just accept the lie as true.

I recently learnt of the term Sonder. (n.) the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Everyone has a story as important as yours. Coined by John Koenig. And that’s exactly where I’m at, that realisation.

We are uniquely individual. There isn’t a right way or a wrong way. Just different ways. Stay true to your heart, realise your life-handlings are handed to you for a reason. They are lessons. What you take from them is up to you. But don’t do nothing with them.

We are longing a culture shift, re-evaluating old ways but setting incredibly high expectations and forgetting to just be. We’ve forgotten that happiness comes from the simplest things, not physical things. And that’s where Winnie the Pooh enters the story. He’s appeared in search of the Christopher Robin that he once knew. Pooh and friends are the reminder that the simple things mean most. There’s more important things in life. There’s a time and a place for work and technology. It’s about love life balance not work life balance. Disconnect to Reconnect, with your most cherished possessions whilst in awe of mother nature. Or the 100 acre woods. I promise it will make your heart kinder. Gratitude and kindness really are everything.

Dante cried, he got it: I cried but what’s new there. My darling boy spent the weekend playing Christopher Robin as a child. His imagination ran wild and free.

Meanwhile I’m hoping I have a mid-life Christopher Robin moment and my childhood Pooh comes back to us soon. I miss that silly old bear. On that note there’s a birthday party happening in our dining room right now for Sami Sloth. I can’t miss it, it’s an incredibly important event for this moment.

Dante the old soul wears his favourite brand; Suede daze. Peace love & music long sleeve tee. The best of the best 70’s inspired threads from lovely mumma Michelle & her tribe in Bondi. There’s nothing more empowering than supporting another sister.

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