“To live would be an awfully big adventure.” – Peter Pan Sand Sculpture Exhibition.

Sand Sculpting Australia presents Peter Pan at their new home at Boneo Maze and Mini Golf, located on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

3,500 tonnes of brickies loam sand have been artistically crafted into incredible sculptures by some of the the world’s best artists.

You know that place between sleeping and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting – Peter Pan.

This year’s theme just so happens to be one of my all time favourite childhood stories. When adulting takes its toll, I always find inspiration in quotes from Pan’s refusal to grow up. A magical story of escape,  lingering in that blissful grey area; where you’re no longer a child, but not quite an adult. I never made the transition. I openly admit I prefer dogs and children to adults. Step back into the magic of childhood. Take a break from the everyday grind, and get in touch with your inner child. ‘Come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned, just think of happy things and your heart will fly on wings.‘ Time to fly into the world of J.M Barrie’s classic, Peter Pan. You seem like good people, so I’ll share a pixie secret with you, to help find Peter Pan the boy who never grew up. His friends; the lost boys and fairy Tinkerbell. They live in Neverland. Neverland is a small Island reached only by flight. Your guide is, ‘Second star to the right and straight on till morning’.

But remember; When you grow up you can come back. Growing up is a trap.

We happened to return to Neverland on a not so cheery day. On our anniversary weekend with our two youngest children. It was overcast with patches of drizzle and also humid (typical Melbourne weather). I’m one of those souls that have the ability to find the beauty in the less desired. Even though it wasn’t the greatest pick of days weather wise for sunshiny photos, it was our wedding anniversary after all. A wedding that just happened to quote Peter Pan at every opportunity, without it turning into a sponsored advertisement for Disney. Although we are suckers for Disney stuff, we liked that the sculptures were created by artists around the world that didn’t necessarily stick to making Disney copies. Captain Hook looked like a pirate and the backgrounds had such great detail.

The new location for the exhibition had so many other benefits to the previous location. Although Frankston is closer to the city, previously once you finished looking at the sculptures, kids would say, ‘Now what?’ And we said, ‘Let’s take another lap to look at the sculptures again!’ Whereas now, it feels so much more relaxed. You can appreciated the true art in these amazing sculptures, whilst being surrounded by nature. The sand sculptures are spread around and along the water’s edge. The perfect setting allows you to step subconsciously into the story. Boneo Maze & Mini Golf is situated on 27 acres of wetlands, hedge mazes and gardens. It’s such a beautiful location to get lost and disconnect in and you can make a day of it.

After your adventure to Neverland admiring the sculptures, you can also have a go at using the special brickie sand and create your own sculpture in the sand play area. If you thought, like we did, ‘How do they manage these creations when all we can hope for is to put some shells on a bucket shape?’ it’s because 1. no one is jumping on top of theirs and 2. brickie sand. Our boys loved this experience. The sand is so different to beach sand it almost feels like sticky coarse kinetic sand. And if you’ve ever played with kinetic sand, you know how easy it is to get lost in the sensory experience, to the point you don’t actually know how to stop. It was funny seeing parents lose themselves creating their own stuff. Some kids were trying drag their mum away from meticulously crafting her turtle sculpture. Once you’re done being inspired by soul nourishing sculptures, you can take a walk through the boardwalks, or as our six year old did, run out of sight to the bird hides and get lost in another world known as the ‘Kids Zone’. This one resembles my other favourite childhood story classic, Alice in Wonderland, with three different mazes and giant board games in the garden. Think Connect Four, Draughts, Jenga, Snakes and Ladders and Chess made for the BFG. The perfect opportunity to get competitive with your children in these timeless classics. And no family board game is complete without tears. Well, not in our house anyhow. After I won three consecutive games, Dante lost his marbles at me for acting like the Queen of Hearts and stormed off saying, ‘I’m gonna play with Daddy, he let’s me win!’ Anyone would think I painted the roses red. Or perhaps I did? He gets that competitive streak from somewhere… This is all included in your ticket price.

Tickets are priced:

Children under three are free

Children $10.00

Seniors $12.00

Adults $15.00

With many of other extras you can add on for a full day outing.

Unlimited rides? For $15.00 you can purchase a wristband. This includes unlimited park rides. The rides include harness trampoline, rock climbing wall and the kiddy stuff also; miniature train, miniature carousel and the jumping castle is free anyway.

A Pedal boat adventure $8.00

Sand art activities $8.00

Mini Golf $15.00 for one game or 2 games $20.00

We bought a wristband for the six year old. Our youngest was happy with one $3 ride of the miniature train with the fabulous conductor, Nicky navigating the boys into happiness. Nothing makes my heart sing more then fabulous employees making a good day, great. Iggy got a bounce on the jumping castle whilst his brother used the trampoline and rock climbing wall. And lastly, one pedal boat got us all a ride with the boys sitting on our laps. Although this was quite awkward.

For the budget and money savvy family and visitors, pack a picnic! This is welcomed at the location and there’s plenty of great spots to unwind. Not that organised? Grab something from the café whilst sipping on a local wine. Or head up the road for a two minute drive for a late lunch at St. Andrews Brewery. I won’t lie- this is our favourite place on the Peninsula to unwind socially. And they have Vegan friendly options on the menu for all our like-minded friends.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.’ – Peter Pan

Overall it was a lovely relaxed afternoon, Perfect weekend escape drive with the family or Easter School Holiday outing.

Boneo Maze & Mini Golf is located:

695 Limestone Road, Fingal Victoria 3939

Exhibition closes 26th May 2019

Open 10am to 5pm daily

Tink wears: Queen of Hearts velvet jacket, by – Chasing Unicorns • Sunglasses by – Witchery • Maggie embroidered midi dress, by – Spell Designs

Iggy wears: • Amber necklace, by – Amber Secrets • ‘Little Tiger’ leggings, by – Spell Little Gypsies • ‘don’t worry bout a thing’ tee, by – Nu natives • ‘Peter Pan’, by – Disneyland resorts

Dante wears: ‘Roll with it’ tee, by – Nu Natives • ‘ribbed cotton shorts, by – Seed • ‘The Slipway’ cap, by – Fallen Broken Street • cardigan, by – Rock your baby

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