Black Swan | Limited Edition by Tulle & Batiste

Tulle and Batiste promotes slow-fashion ethics through it’s vintage-inspired collections of women’s clothing. All personally designed by the talented Miftahul Jannah and her team. The collections yearn deep from her bohemian heart for love and kindness. As a conscious consumer, I find I’m often challenged; succumbing to the hype of some of my favourite brands and trying to keep up with the ever increasing rapid release of collections. I try to navigate through the environmental impacts of my fashion-drenched soul, an art that I admire. Tulle & Batiste collections only launch every six months, with the odd small limited edition collection in between. There’s never a hard push to sell or the pressures of hunger marketing tactics. Something every bohemian soul can admire.

When I heared Jannah, the creative director and head designer of Tulle & Batiste speak of ‘Black Swan’ in its early production stages, I imagined Black Swan as Natalie Portman portrayed in the movie by the same name. A story about a committed dancer struggling to maintain her sanity as she fiercely holds onto grace to navigate Tchaikovsky’s Black Swan from Swan Lake. With that in mind, I pictured vintage-inspired, black silhouettes with panels of tulle, embroidered lace that moved with elegance yet makes a statement. Whereas I’m empowered to have a voice. Unlike the White Swan who is purity and innocence, withholding deeper yearnings and intentions, the Black Swan has an edge, and a fearless sensuality that can’t be taken for granted.

As an ex-dancer (one who admitted to self destruction at some point in my mid 20’s), I could make some kind of connection at least. Although I must admit after a fractured femur in my early twenties, I love to hate dance now. What it could have been and what it was never to be. An evil taste of bitterness and never quite being enough. I relate to the White Swan’s purity and calmness but like every modern feminist woman in a fast paced world, I yearn to see global changes in our perceptions of how we think and live. Like the goddesses of rock and roll, who start conversations, The Black Swan often misunderstood and a little rebellious, pushing political agendas for a better world with a sophisticated yet unconventional grace.

I, aka Tink wears:

The Black Swan skirt: The midi length tulle skirt falls just below the knees, the lining delicately falls above the knee to showcase the tulle scalloped embroidery hem. The outer tulle skirt details heavy embroidery lined with a Tulle petticoat and another light viscose skirt. Pockets, every girls dream. Pockets can make or break a skirt right? Elastic waist and drawstring for eating all the damn cake if your heart so desires.

The Black Swan top: The sheer tulle embroidered back is the show stopper. I wore a black bra under considering it was a family affair. The touch of skin is the essence of the Black Swan and the sensuality it adorns with grace but without ever edging on the point of cheap despair. The front tulle embroidery panel is lined modestly.

Leather Frill Jacket: Now we are talking! Every self-confessed bourgeois bohemian needs one, staple, leather jacket of greatness. The tassel fringing edges rock and roll and that bold sass every Black Swan holds within. Soft buttery leather, an iconic piece your hearts been yearning for since that first festival you attended in your teens. A piece in true bohemian spirit to hand down to your daughters, nieces or grand-daughters.

Tulle & Batiste are designed and manufactured in Bali, Jannah and her dear husband, Jeroen operated her successful garment factory in Bali producing the collections of some major Australian fashion labels since 2007. Think early quality Spell Designs with their famous original styles, My Hippy Heart and Auguste the label. Renowned in the once bohemian, now edging on bourgeoisie fashionista circles for high quality garments that last, Jannah decided to launch her own label, Tulle and Batiste in the Autumn of 2015. And there’s been no looking back.

With an extensive knowledge in pattern making, print, dyeing, design and illustration, quality and control and packing for export, the Tulle and Batiste collections are all made in-house in Jannah’s garment factory located on the island of Bali.

Black Swan limited edition pieces:

Sophia Lace Gown

Sophia Lace Midi

Black Swan Skirt

Black Swan Top

Amy Slip Dress

Leather Frill Jacket

Black Swan is effortlessly chic, passionate and wildly melodramatic. Timeless pieces for every ethical and environmental conscious bohemian or those edging on the bourgeois bohemian cusp who are beginning to develop more conscious thoughts in their purchases, looking for pieces to last through the seasons of time.

Tink’s accessories: vintage sunglasses by Ted Lapidus |vintage squash blossom from Ivy Wilde |turquoise rings by Ivy Wilde | vintage cowboy boots | Baker Boy cap by The Rad Folk

Cactus Country 4986 Murray Valley Highway, Srathmerton VIC

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