You Can Sit with Me – by Rocco and Mia

The delightful Mariella from Rocco and Mia is an everyday mum between sitting down to do dance hair buns and stage makeup, to Kinder and School drop offs, just doing her thing. The queen of unisex children’s t-shirts. There’s never an ego. She’s gracious, never pushy and has a heart of gold. A gentle soul, making t-shirts on the side, whilst nourishing her three young children.

Her latest campaign is something else.

Something that sits well with many of us. Although many shirts out there have a meme, this one holds a message:

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME by Rocco and Mia

Kader – Instagram

In a self-oriented, fast paced world that waits for nobody, egocentricity isn’t just a childhood phase anymore. It’s tendrils grow. Fuelled in adolescence by selfies, questions of self-worth and the search for self-fulfilment. We find ourselves breaking free of this past the salad days of our 20’s, and flourishing. Then, before we know it, we are extending t’wards our 40s. Somehow still, believing we cannot be- enough. And so we are left wanting more. We are facing generations of entitlement.

Amongst all the madness in the world, we have an epidemic of mental illness. Even mental illness in children. It just doesn’t sit well with me. Children facing bullies and trolls and the overall feeling of just never being enough, even as children. The pressures of modern life and always having to fit inside a box.

Kindness. Most will say they see it as a given. The only path to tread. Yet,when in need of empathy and kindness while shuffling on in a state of despair, you may feel that it is a road, so rarely travelled. It’s heartening to know that there are many out there, empowering their children to tag along and understand it is certainly worth a hitchhike down that road. Invariably, to also understand how Kindness, Empathy and Gratitude are learnt and developed.

At my son’s school, they have the Friendship Seat; a place where people can go if they are in need of- well, kindness. So, what an ingenious idea; flip it around. I hope that my child is one of those ready to be there for those in need. But he’s only six. He doesn’t always have the awareness to find those in need while he’s catapulting himself down the hill for giggles. But when he does stop and has a spare moment, wouldn’t it be great for him to be ready to help others? He’s got a kind little heart, sure, but how will they know to find him? We unpacked with him though, what this shirt was saying and what it means. He felt proud to have a shirt that said, ‘Hey, I’m here to help. If you need someone, call on me.’ Although I’m sure you couldn’t fit all THAT on a t-shirt. Five simple words say plenty.

When everyone around me seems unhinged, these famous words always seem to pop up somewhere,  “Everyone you meet is a fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always” – Ian McLaren

YOU CAN SIT WITH ME; Is an empowering, inclusive and kind campaign. Such a simple gesture and life-changing message. Imagine a world where everyone was welcome and there were no biases. Children are like sponges absorbing their sense of right and wrong, watching and listening to everything said. They need to hear positive affirmations, they need to hear and see and experience true kindness and empathy to practice it.

So many lessons and conversation here:

⁃ Gender equality

⁃ Cultural prejudice

⁃ Anti-bullying

⁃ Gratitude

Kennedy – Instagram

Iggy – Instagram @3_little_gentlemen

Elijah – Instagram @elijah_and_mummys_life

Lets work together and empower our children to learn how to practice kindness. Let’s instil positive affirmations and start conversations with our children today.

Rocco and Mia was formerly known as the ‘A-Team’. The brand took on a new name to honour the children of Mariella’s heart. Mariella has branded her little tee business around the concept of community. It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a village to grow a dream and sometimes that dream is being a mum present for her loves. And whilst it may just be a small little business from home, it’s filling big hearts.

Mia, Rocco and Joey – Instagram @roccoandmia

Rocco and Mia are currently on the search for a new rep team. Are you an avid small business supporter? Do you thrive on empowering others? Have a tee fetish? Always wanted to be a part of a sisterhood? Love taking pics of your little beloved? Head over to @roccoandmia on Instagram and apply on the current post.

Much love and always madness

Tink xxx

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