DEVOI – Natural and Considerate Feminine Wear.

DEVOI is an independent slow-fashion house, designed in Melbourne, Australia. Getting rave reviews, challenging fast fashion with their limited and sustainable timeless classic pieces.

By Rhianne and Cheryl

The pair met through a mutual friend at Siglo, a classy rooftop terrace bar establishment in the heart of Melbourne. On this particular faithful night Rhianne indulged in an elegant St Germain Spiritz in hand while Cheryl was on the Evian. This once upon time wasn’t a publication made over .05, it was written from their hearts. A story and dream that had been running through their veins awaiting the universe to align.

Rhianne originally from the UK, is a trained fashion designer. In the height of the glory of achievements she worked in London with some major fashion houses (Erdem, Mary Katrantzou, Qasimi), but something still yearned in her heart. Like any girl with an ambitious soul, she dreamed of one day releasing her own designs.

Cheryl is a lawyer, a dreamer of colour and aspired to creating colourful patterns.

Together DEVOI was born.

The duo, empowered women with a soul to envy. DEVOI captivates conscious and considerate fashion. The slow fashion motto where the values reach for the stars. They are committed to countering the damaging effects of mass-consumption that results from the world of fast fashion.

At every stage of development and production, DEVOI aims to improve both ethical and environmental outcomes. Their timeless and sophisticated pieces proudly assert a zero fabric waste policy.

The Dorothy from the ‘Moon Garden’ collection. The highest of quality, the stunning linen midi dress features a classic crew neck, gathered waist seams. And you guessed it, the dream dress has pockets. The bodice modestly lined with cotton.

The print ‘Scalavendar’ a warm mustard back with alluring scattered lavender. Hand painted in-house and digitally printed using high quality, sustainably considered inks and dyes. Dorothy’s classic sophistication will take you through all the seasons; from the corporate world of meetings, a dinner date, to the alleys of an inner city hipster bar crawl of gigs over beers with friends and then all the way to the back beaches in summer barefoot, wild and free. She’s a multitasker the unexpected forever staple dress.

DEVOI advocates a vision of femininity that is distinctive and effortlessly striking. The DEVOI signature style is based upon original prints featured in flattering silhouettes and made from natural fibres. The fusion of these elements creates beyond-trend pieces that appeal to the woman who dresses to be remembered. – DEVOI

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Fishnets – Alannah Hill

Studded belt – Ivy Wilde

The Campaign, cap – Fallen Broken Street

Black Swan leather jacket – Tulle & Batiste


This little label really resonated with the core of my heart.

Much love, hope and madness

Tink xxx

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