An open postcard from our annual family summer holiday to PM – Scott Morrison

Welcome to 2020. A time to celebrate and rejoice in a new decade: new beginnings. Australia a great place to bring up children you say, when on New Years Day, the air quality in our capital city is 20 times hazardous levels.

Your message as PM to our country;

“We have faced these disasters before and we have prevailed, we have overcome. That is the spirit of Australians, that is the spirit that is on display, that is a spirit that we can celebrate as Australians.”

Aww Scott, are you suffering smoke inhalation and lack of oxygen to the brain?

Our sunburnt country is choking, we are choking. We need you to panic! What will it take?

Our koalas, a national symbol native only to Australia are endangered, our people and our children are endangered.

Who are you trying to ‘bloody hell’ fool with your patriotic New Year’s speech.

We hear you, and are left to wonder if you are really that naive or genuinely taking advantage and the piss of the “Aussie spirit”. ‘Aussies will suck it up and work harder.’ That is your message. It seems the Aussie spirit is convenient excuse to deny all culpability. I forgot to count how many Australian flags you had in the background at the time when you played the Aussie Card. Unfortunately, pulling together to survive is not an appropriate message for a leader of the nation.

These fires are unprecedented, there is nothing like them etched in our history. We know we must change our ways, but why won’t you join us? OK Boomer, yes you Scott. Where’s your Australian spirit?

39 years on this sunburnt country, someplace between a generation X and a millennial living and hearing the yarns through two of the worst bushfires: Ash Wednesday (1983) and Black Saturday (2009). This is that on steroids and can’t be put down to some cyclical weather pattern. Yeah sure I was skeptical on climate change as we headed into welcome 2000, of course the oceans are rising. What happens when you get in a bath, I convinced myself.

Never have I heard yarns or seen darkness at 11.00am like I did on New Years Eve 2019, where the NSW fires were joined by Victorian. The sky apocalyptic red, on the NSW south coast was this real life or was I infact holiday-ing on Mars?

Where had we taken our beloved wildlings? A small country beach side town holiday to support a community and family business or Hell? Was this the end?

11.30am our middle sized wildling aged 6, questioned why we hadn’t served dinner and prepared to put on his Pjs. Confused, he set foot outside and looked up to the sky and put his arms out to catch the burnt gum leaves, falling like rain.

Everyone had packed up. Most had left even though the advice was to stay put. All roads to major cities closed.

Hours of darkness passed, Our two year old awoke from his midday sleep and wanted breakfast, he thought it was sunrise.

They were scared, the hair on their arms stood on end. On some primordial level everyone was beyond anxious: fearful. The smoke was stifling oppressive.

5 million hectares of burnt land, apocalyptic red skies, thousands of family homes, live stock and native animals lost. At the only open shop in the area, I heard the farmer in front grabbing supplies and preparing himself to kill all his livestock. The shop owner just nodded silently.

Seventeen people dead since October, A wife of a volunteer firefighter has to bring their first and only child into this world alone.

As we flee for home, our family car covered in black soot and ash, there’s a six year old boy, sitting in the back with his two brothers who just wrote a letter to his dog and grandparents praying they have blue skies where they are, for he can’t remember when his sky above was last blue.

Reluctant to acknowledge mistakes, stubborn is Australian made. It’s okay to change your stance that’s how we grow. This is beyond being a political issue when it is a matter of survival. Useless talk of carbon credits and future targets cannot begin to solve the mess we are in. It’s no wonder the fire warning signs that line the freeway now go up to ‘catastrophic‘.


Mumma of three wildlings

– The next generation who inherit the mess to clean up

P.S When we stopped by your place, that middle wildling he noticed you were missing two flags. Now I know you just spent a few million on your plane so understand that you might be feeling a tad short after Christmas. I heard your local MP can provide you with both an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flag. But yeah, I guess if you don’t have time, it was only a 6 year old that noticed…

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